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Quadrotor Control System

The complete package solution for quadrotor programming in education and research

The Quadrotor Control System, is the first flexible teaching and development test case package for quadrotors and control systems. Proven in use by several years and universities it enables a step-by-step development of embedded software for quadrotors. Moreover the QCS can be used for teaching and learning the fields of signal processing, control theory, real-time processing, avionics, autonomous systems and related areas.

Its intelligent design makes the QCS extremely flexible and allows easy switching between different degrees of freedom (DOF). Through this, the investigation of different control parts reaching from 1 DOF, over 2DOF and 3DOF to a free flight 6 DOF system independantly from each other is possible. All this you can get with one single system.

Easy Plug & Play suspensions for flexible and safe quadrotor development

The QCSF (QCS Flying) extends the QCS with more functionality and options for flying and complex missions.

Hardware Setup and Components

The QCS includes a complete able to fly quadrotor with IMU (inertial measurement unit), MCU (micro controller unit), four brushless controllers and four motors.

With the extended version, named the QCSF (QCS flying), you get further parts such as landing gear, battery, remote control, further structural parts and some add-ons which empower the system to fly and thus you can work on carrying on questions. These add-ons can be used for student research projects.

QCSF - Quadrotor for individual research and development

The available add-ons for the QCSF are:

  • Height sensors including ultrasonic, infrared and air pressure sensors for height determination
  • GPS receiver for position and height determination
  • Optical Flow Sensor for position determination
  • Obstacle Detection Sensors including 12 ultrasonic and 16 infrared sensors for obstacle detection
  • Object Search Module including an on-board high end CPU and cameras for object recognition and positioning
  • Stereo Vision Module including an on-board high end CPU and Cameras for stereo vision and obstacle detection

With these add-ons you can work on current research topics such as obstacle detection, collision avoidance, object search and autonomy.

You can also get a safety ring around the propellers.


For all parts we provide software solutions. For the QCS we provide a fully open source software framework with examples and solutions for any kind of user. The addressed users are students, lecturers and researchers/developers. The user may modify any relevant aspect of the framework and thus can develop exercises, solutions or an entire system himself. We also provide standard frameworks with / without solution for teaching and development.

For the QCSF we provide the same open source software, with some additional functions for flying. The software for the QCSF is meant to be modified for teaching, research and development. For the add-ons we provide libraries for dedicated solutions and aspects. Please contact us for more detailed information, if a certain aspect interests you.

Methods, Concepts and Guides

We also provide methods, concepts, guides and materials for teaching. In coordination with the QCS we provide a curriculum for teaching. The curriculum contains slides with theory, methods, concepts and guides for deeper understanding and implementation. You get these materials in form of power point slides or booklet. Currently we cover the following topics:

  • Design
  • Signal Processing and Calibration
  • Telemetry and Telecommands
  • Filtering: Kalman Filter, KFI (Kalman Filter for Informatics)
  • Control (Attitude, Yaw, 3 DOF)
  • Automation

More related topics will be covered in the future. Feel free to ask us for improvements and required additions.

Documentation - Introduction - Support

The complete software is documented, so it is easy to understand, modify and extend. We provide our customers a documentation of all aspects, which will be regularly updated.

We have many years of experience with these systems and their usage for teaching. We provide support and answer questions about getting started with our hard- and software as well as trouble-shooting.

We give introductory courses and lessons addressing the theory, software and usage of the hardware. The introduction can be given via Skype, in our place or in your premises.

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